Bettys Beer Bar

Bettys Beer Bar

Bettys Beer Bar is a cool game in which you are a bartender called Betty

Bettys Beer Bar is a cool game in which you are a bartender, Betty, who has to provide drinks to cartoon-like characters and keep them satisfied in order to make money. Your job is to provide the funny characters (including police offers, nuns, robots, girls, among many others) with beer and keep them happy so they will buy more drinks and leave good tips. To carry our this task you will have to be very fast to give them as many drinks as possible and provide them with coffee when they are getting too drunk, always remembering to clean the glasses before using them again. The gameplay is quite simple and the controls too. You control Betty's arms with the right and left mouse buttons. You have a few glasses, a sink, a beer dispenser and a coffee dispenser. You can have up to seven customers at once to serve, so will have to be really fast to meet your sales goal for each level, so you can get to the next level. The game includes three modes: a Story mode, a Time Challenge mode, and a Free Play mode. Although it may turn a little bit repetitive after a while, it is definitely worth a try. It supports Windows 2000/XP/VISTA.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Multiple modes. Good graphics and funny characters. Easy to control and play


  • A little bit repetitive
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